Peachtree Complete Accounting 2004 and Windows 7

Is Complete Accounting 2004 compatible with Windows 7?  I recently had to reinstall Complete Accounting 2004 on a new computer with Windows 7 and the description line showing the GL account description is no longer available.  Any thoughts?   

  • Sorry it is not.  If you are using windows 7 you will need to upgrade to Peachtree 2010. 

  • Thank you for your reply.  I have now bought Complete Accounting 2010.  Are there any known issues in migrating my data from Complete Accounting 2004 to Complete Accounting 2010?  


    Lisa G 

  • Install Peachtree 2010 and when you open the program and your Peachtree 2004 database, the program will automatically start the data conversion program. Peachtree will migrate your database from Peachtree 2004 to 2005 and then on to 2006 through to Peachtree 2010. The program will force a data backup prior to the start of the conversion process. I would recommend that you then backup your data again following the completion of the data conversion, using a different file backup name before starting to explore or use the newer version.
  • Make sure you have the SR1 update on all Peachtree machines first. Peachtree 2010 with SR1 is compatible with Windows 7.

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