Invoice & Packing Slip printing

It would be nice to be able to create an invoice and print it along with the associated packing slip without going to the reports..forms window and selecting the pinted invoice number (first/last) and then printing.  Anyone have a good way to do this or could PT add it?


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  • At this time, you cannot print both the Packing Slip and the Sales Inovice together.  The work around would be to input and print the Packing Slip and then using the Icon "LIST" within the same Sales Inoice data entry screen and select the Sales Invoice again and this time click on the Print Icon and select the Invoice Form (of your choice). Or, print the Packing Slip upon entry of each Sales Invoice and at the end of the day, then print the day's Invoice in sequence from the Reports & Forms menu, as suggested in your post.
  • I think this is just lethargy on Peachtree's part that they have not implemented this, since many people have asked for it.  However, keep in mind that it is the squeeky wheel that gets greased, so be sure to request this feature.


    There is absolutely no reason at all why this can't be done.  For many years now we have implemented the ability to print multiple Peachtree invoices and packing slips all at once from the PawCom Sales Invoicing form.

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