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I am looking to take my small distribution company from Quickbooks Premier to Sage 50. I am a little hesitant because everyone in my office is used to quickbooks, however quickbooks inventory management is insufficent for what we need to keep track of. From what I have read Sage 50 has a much more elaborate inventory system. I just wanted to get some ideas on how big of a jump it is from Quickbooks to Sage 50. I also want to know how easy is it to get support on fixing issues you come across as with quickbooks every accountant can help you, but it seems Sage might be a different story.




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  • Sage 50 calls it an Income Statement instead of a P&L.  You will find it by going to the Reports & Forms menu > Financial Statements.  The Standard Income Statement will give you both current month and year to date.  There is also an Income Statement 12 Period that will show all 12 months in one report.  Keep in mind that all of the financial statements can be customized.


    The warehouses are a much bigger issue.  Sage 50 is not designed for multiple warehouses either. Sage 50 Quantum Manufacturing Edition is Sage 50 Quantum bundled with MiSys Manufacturing.  Misys can handle multiple inventory locations.  But it handles the raw materials and manufacturing process, then transfers the finished goods to Sage 50's inventory.  Then you use Sage 50 for invoicing.  That would solve your problem if you don't stock the same item in both warehouses or if one of your warehouses is "finished goods" and the other is "raw materials".


    You may also want to check out an addon for Sage 50 called BizOps.  I've not used it personally, but from what I've read it looks like invoicing happens inside BizOps so invoicing would still be multi-warehouse aware.

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