ODBC and OLE DB Connections to Peachtree Data

Hi Everyone!


Recently, there have been many questions raised regarding ODBC and OLE DB connections to the Peachtree database.  We now have an article in our Knowledge Center and is available to everyone with step-by-step instructions for setting up an ODBC connection and using that connection with Microsoft Access.  The article also includes using an OLE DB connection with Microsoft Excel. 


The Knowledge Center can be accessed directly at http://kb.sagesoftwareonline.com/cgi-bin/sagesoftwareonline.cfg/php/enduser/std_alp.php.  The article can be found by completing a search by Answer ID for Answer ID 25514.


Tom A

  • I can not setting up an ODBC connection in Windows 7 and using that connection with Microsoft Access 2007 in order to retrieve data from PEACHTREE 2010.  Neither Pervasive Client Interface nor Pervasive Engine Interface is listed.  Any help will be very helpful, !! Thanks in advance!!

  • Hi Leda,


    I too have experienced this with Windows 7 but it seems to be isolated to machines with 64 bit capability.  I ended up manually creating an ODBC connection via the registry.  This approach is typically not practical for the 'lay user' but I'm unaware of another method to resolve this issue.


  • Could you tell me please how to do that via registry?

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