Report of Items sold by Item

     I have a client that is a Beauty Salon and we are considering converting to Peachtree.  The Technicians are paid on commission.  I get a list of the total $ sales, for Service and for Retail, per Technician for each day.  I thought I would set up a "Service Item" for each Technician for "Service" and another for each Technician for "Retail" sales.  Then if I could get a list of sales volume by Inventory Item, for the date range, I could calculate the commissions.  However, I can't find a report by Inventory Item.

     Does anyone know of a report I could use?  Maybe there is a better way to approach this.  Any suggestions?



  • This would be an easy report using Crystal Reports complete with commissions calculations by technician.  If you should choose this route then your client will need Peachtree Premium as Crystal Reports come with this program level and higher.

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