Credit Card Processing Fees

Who do I contact about a suspiciously high credit card fee? Sadly, I set up our credit card processing 10 years ago, and cannot even remember who I went through to get it going.

  • You should find contact information on your monthly Credit Card Settlement Summary report.

  • Well, that is a bit confusing. I did find my file of where I set up our credit card processing. Previously, I went to to find my statements. That website now takes me somewhere else, and my old logon info doesn't work.  Any ideas?

  • As un update- I emailed the last company which had a site I could access for this information. This is what I was told:


    Please be advised all Peachtree Merchants were migrated to   Verus payment gateway since 01/28/2008.  Store number XXX is closed since the migration.  Please contact Verus at 877-407-4001 for inquiries about reporting website that is similar.


    That phone number has been disconnected....

  • Call Sage Payment Services at call 1-866-267-4402. 

  • Were you able to get this resolved? We are in a similar situation. We setup processing in 2002 through Peachtree, and seemed to have been dropped through the cracks. I've posted about it on here before. I've talked to Peachtree, BofA, and First Data, and no one can find our account, even with the merchant account numbers directly from them. It's crazy, and unprofessional, that I can not find out any information on how to issue a credit card refund. I have login information from, which is now FirstData. It doesn't work, and like I said no one seems to be able to help.


    Fortunately our transactions are business to business, and I have only had one situation in which I needed to issue a refund. We do not process credit cards very often, maybe a couple times a week, but it sure feels uncomfortable not knowing, and not being able to find out, the information when I needed it.

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