Peachtree 2010-Year end wizard-Closing Entries aren't automatic, please help



We’re using Peachtree 2010 since last year, and we’re working on fiscal year July 09 to June10. I went to the website and referred to you for support. The issue I’m having is , I run the year end wizard and noticed that my year end accounts aren’t closed, the retained earnings isn’t closed, net income isn’t closed,. I’m a big user of Peachtree products and each time I’m hired in a place, I make them get Peachtree, now I feel disappointed because all the previous Peachtree versions were closing the accounts for me. Right now, not sure why isn’t closing it. I bought Peachtree 07 at home for my personal use and it’s closing the accounts, please help on this issue. I always preferred Peachtree over QuickBooks because Peachtree is more professional and is made for accountants, so I really have a concern, if the accounts aren’t getting closed.


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  • If you listed your fiscal year correctly then your July 10 should be period 12.  In the screen shot you posted, July is Period 13 so Peachtree hasn't closed out the net income because it has started your second fiscal year.  My guess from what you explained the initial fiscal year periods are setup wrong and will need to get fixed.  That fix can be pretty nasty to do on your own.  You would have to create a new company with proper period structure, export your data to excel in a proper sequence, and import into the new company in the proper sequence.  Otherwise, people on here have utilities that can make the process painless but for a fee.  There is no switch in Peachtree to adjust the periods after the company has been setup. 

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