pdf error

when i try to produce a report in pdf, i get a "printer not activated" message.

does anyone have a clue as to how to correct this?

(premium 2010, vista)



  • There is a Answer ID 23444 that addresses this error message. Attached is a PDF copy of the Answer ID 23444.


  • thanks rick!


    i followed the instructions, but i get the same "printer not activated" error


    also, when i access this printer outside of peachtree entirely, i get the same message


    is it somehow maybe related to the amyuni software? or somehow this

    software is not picking up the peachtree registration info to activate it?

  • Hi 5251,


    Are you using an HP printer by any chance?

    If so, what model number is it and is it an All-in-One printer?


    Thank you,

  • yes, it's an hp psc 2400 photosmart all in one
  • We've been seeing this error more so lately with HP drivers, especially All-in-One printers. The HP drivers provide the Font and page layout for the Amyuni PDF driver. When that process takes too long (greater than 20 seconds) the PDF or PDF-to-Email function enters a timeout phase and therefore, the operation is aborted resulting in the error code -30.


    Would it be possible to uninstall the HP printer software from Add/Remove Programs then to see if the PDF driver functions again in Peachtree?


    Thank you,


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