BEWARE of Sage 50 2014 Upgrade!!!!

When upgrading to Sage 50 Accounting 2014 from earlier versions of the product, you will now be required to have a Sage Business Care Gold or Platinum subscription in order to create and report on payroll checks in your Sage 50 Accounting solution. 


Sage is currently promoting double savings deal for those who upgrade now to the 2014 version. At the bottom of the ad in very small type is the following...

Important Note Regarding Payroll Tax Tables: When upgrading to Sage 50 Accounting 2014 from earlier versions of the product, you will now be required to have a Sage Business Care Gold or Platinum subscription in order to create and report on payroll checks in your Sage 50 Accounting solution.


this means I won't be able to run payroll without buying one of their customer service solutions. The person I talked with confirmed this and said the change was "part of their new business model."



So, in addition to buying the software, I am forced to buy a customer service contract AND my annual tax update! All of this just to do the same things I've always done for about half the price.  RIP OFF ALERT~!

  • I have been using Peachtree accounting since 1993.  I have recommended it to a lot of business associates.  For the small business, it used to be the most comprehensive accounting software in it's price-range and the accountants and tax preparers we have worked with over the years liked it, too.  We have run as many as 8 companies on one software program and one of the best features it offers is the ability to work with complete functionality with multiple companies open, unlike Quickbooks "secondary" company open with limited features. 


    Periodic upgrades to software are necessary and I completely understand that every couple years there will be some changes that may improve my accounting experience.  Software needs to be upgraded to conform to the changes to operating systems and even I could understand that there needed to be email links added to Peachtree!  I even convinced myself that I am, indeed, not as capable of adjusting my own tax tables as the programmers are and gladly paid for the payroll package.  So, after 20 years with Peachtree/Sage, I think it is safe to say that my opinion is experience-based and I am not ranting.


    I think that it is time for me to part ways with Sage.  I don't appreciate being railroaded into spending money on things (support, advice, training) that I haven't used or needed for more than a decade. I don't need thought leadership events.  I don't need Sage to run my payroll; there are other options.  I simply need the accounting program that I used to have with Peachtree and I don't think it exists anymore. 

  • When we upgraded to Sage 50 2013, I found, to my dismay, that I couldn't update my payroll formulas or print out my finance charge report. (I was told that Windows 8 compatibility would come with the 2014 version.)  I'm fairly certain that I'll be searching for a new program when it comes time to upgrade a couple of years from now.  I don't think a company that only has seven employees really needs to upgrade to a business solution when I can do the same thing on a spreadsheet, especially since I'm very, very familiar with the payroll laws.

  • Spoiler

    I have been a Peachtree user since I first found out it was available in Windows, back in 93, I believe. I had worked with it when it was still Dos and didn't like it. Peachtree used to have a Client Write-up program for accountants  and it was great but they sold it to another company and it wasn't maintained properly so I eagerly switched to the Windows package and have used it ever since, upgrading every couple of years.


    I have10 of my business clients using Peachtree and most of them are on 2012, One is on 2011 and I had considered getting us all in sync with 2013. Am I ever grateful that didn't happen. Where we are now is where we will stay and hopefully I will retire before anything terrible happens.


    I install it, set it up to suit me and customize it for their business. It is my software of choice. If someone who is using Quickbooks seeks my services they have to be willing to change to Peachtree or find someone else. Over the years I have accepted clients who use QB and their books are always such a mess that I regret it.


    No matter what, Peachtree is still the best software out there, so where do we go from here?



  • We understand your concerns and appreciate your feedback.


    Changes to our payroll services are designed to help customers comply with important tax issues in an effective and efficient way. With tax legislation changing more frequently and time between announcements of tax changes shrinking, the most accurate, timely and compliant way for Sage to deliver tax updates is for customers to be on the most current release of Sage 50 Accounting.


    The Sage Business Care program is an effective, convenient and affordable way for you to receive both tax updates and product upgrades. We hope that in making your decision about managing payroll, you’ll explore all the benefits of Sage Business Care.  We value you as a Sage 50 customer and would like the privilege of supporting you in the future.


  • I understand it is a great way to allow software upgrades but sage is not allowing people to opt out of the the tech support. You can't tell me with a straight face that a ton of people wouldn't opt out, thus saving money, and causing Peachtree to lose money. I guess too many people purchased the tax updates yearly and the software upgrade every 3 years and they were losing out on too much potential revenue.



    ps if support is so good why has this issues not been fixed?

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