Setting up a budget in Peachtree 2008

The help item says to set up a budget, go to Maintain, click on Budgets and then click on "New".


There is no "New" button.


I can copy a budget from last year, but in order to adjust the amounts, each month needs to be adjusted individually, rather than entering the annual amount and having it automatically divide it into 12 equal amounts as it did in the last version we used.


Also, if I click on the copy button or CTRL-C, the system crashes.


Is there another way to do this?



  • Create a Budget - Copy an Existing Peachtree Budget Create a Budget - Copy an Existing Peachtree Budget


    This feature is available only in Peachtree Premium Accounting and higher.


    Do you have the Peachtree Premium Accounting 2008 program or just Peachtree 2008.  This might be your problem. 


    I did look at the instructions and I do not see the "New" you are speaking of, but when you get to the budget area, you may create a new budget on the blank screen you are looking at, and save it with a name.  

  • I have a client using Peachtree Complete 2008 or 2009.  When they enter budget amounts and then click on Save, it says the budget is read-only and it can not be saved.  I was able to import part of their budget for them, though.  What gives?  Why let them enter a budget if it won't save it?  How to fix or explain, please?


  • I importing budgets is not a feature of Peachtree COMPLETE.  If you want to import budgets, you need to purchase the Peachtree PREMIUM program. 


    Let me rephrase that.  If you want to import and use the "imported budget" you must have Peachtree Premium. 



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