Peachtree 2008 Multi-user setup

Upgrading from 2006 multiuser edition. Using Peer-to-Peer network. Data files were installed on a remote NAS drive plugged into router.


It looks like I can't use this configuration with 2008. Why? Dedicating one peer machine as the "Server" with data files is not optimal.

  • Hi ct, starting with the Peachtree Accounting 2007 release, the Pervasive database engine requires certain files to run/execute on the server. In prior releases of Peachtree by Sage, multiple instances of the gateway engine ran on each workstation. Now, only one instance runs on the server and manages all of the traffic transfered over the network which greatly enhances reliability of the program.

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to run the Pervasive database executable files on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device or computer using an operating system other than Windows Server 2000 and higher.

  • Will Windows XP Home/Pro work in place of MS server 2000?  We too are using Multi 2000 version of Peachtree and looking to update too the newest version.  We do use a peer system but use a peer server for Peachtree, data storage, and system backups.  This peer server currently runs Win XP pro.  Would the latest and greatest PT Multi user work on this operating system.


    Thanks.  Glad to see a Peachtree run forum. 

  • Hi Gwiz, you will still be able to install Peachtree 2009 on Windows XP (Home or Pro) just fine on a peer-to-peer network setup.
  • Good, a senior support specialist.... so maybe you can answer some questions about runing the server process on Linux....


    Why wouldn't it be a simple matter of running pervasive 10 on Linux and moving the database to the Linux server?


    Why don't the accounting companies (sage and intuit) understand that their clients are looking for more sophisticated critical storage solutions, including Linux and NAS servers?



  • Zigzag,
    That's a fair question, and having those and additional storage options offers different benefits to different users. Like anything, we focus our attention where there is greatest need among current and potential Peachtree users. The use of Linux and NAS servers among small business Peachtree users is still quite limited. I would imagine the same is true for users of competing products.

    We'd like to hear from others on this topic. What other server and data storage solutions are being used for which you'd like to see multi-user versions of Peachtree developed?


    Mike Savory

    Peachtree Product Manager

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