Credit Card Processing Fees

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Credit Card Processing Fees

  • Who do I contact about a suspiciously high credit card fee? Sadly, I set up our credit card processing 10 years ago, and cannot even remember who I went through to get it going.

  • You should find contact information on your monthly Credit Card Settlement Summary report.

  • Well, that is a bit confusing. I did find my file of where I set up our credit card processing. Previously, I went to to find my statements. That website now takes me somewhere else, and my old logon info doesn't work.  Any ideas?

  • As un update- I emailed the last company which had a site I could access for this information. This is what I was told:


    Please be advised all Peachtree Merchants were migrated to   Verus payment gateway since 01/28/2008.  Store number XXX is closed since the migration.  Please contact Verus at 877-407-4001 for inquiries about reporting website that is similar.


    That phone number has been disconnected....

  • Call Sage Payment Services at call 1-866-267-4402. 

  • Were you able to get this resolved? We are in a similar situation. We setup processing in 2002 through Peachtree, and seemed to have been dropped through the cracks. I've posted about it on here before. I've talked to Peachtree, BofA, and First Data, and no one can find our account, even with the merchant account numbers directly from them. It's crazy, and unprofessional, that I can not find out any information on how to issue a credit card refund. I have login information from, which is now FirstData. It doesn't work, and like I said no one seems to be able to help.


    Fortunately our transactions are business to business, and I have only had one situation in which I needed to issue a refund. We do not process credit cards very often, maybe a couple times a week, but it sure feels uncomfortable not knowing, and not being able to find out, the information when I needed it.

  • *** e-mail I received from Sage Payment Solutions yesterday. There is an 800 # at the bottom. It is the same number that I have to call for help on the virtual terminal. As far as I know, all Peachtree credit card processing has gone through Sage Payment Solutions for a couple of years now. ***


    As part of our commitment to our principles of agility and simplicity, Sage Payment Solutions is excited to launch our new Sage Virtual Terminal that will allow you to manage MOTO as well as card present transactions and much more!  Beginning February 21, 2011, you can take advantage of all of the new features* including, but not limited to:





    Swipe capabilities


    Quick Actions section on Home Page which allows inputting a transaction with just customer name and credit card info


    Quick Actions section on Home Page which also allows for quick search by name, account number, order number, amount, reference or approval code during a specified period


    Customizable receipts using pre-defined templates


    More graphical and detailed overview of transaction history and payment type





    Your URL for the new Virtual Terminal is  Your ID and Password are the same ID and Password that you use for your existing Virtual Terminal.  Your existing database, including recurring groups and schedules, will automatically transfer to your new Virtual Terminal.  You currently can access both your existing Virtual Terminal as well as the new Virtual Terminal through April 20, 2011; beginning April 21, 2011, you will only have access to your new Virtual Terminal.


    We are working to ensure a smooth transition and a better, faster, more robust processing experience for you.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Virtual Support at or 877-470-4001.



    Thank you.


    I was trying to integrate Peachtree with credit card processing option and it is very disappointing with the customer service I am getting and I was told not to call in the future.

    We are are multimillion $ company wanting to start a new small company. We allready have a credit card processing company and I was asking our current credit card company for a fee quote for our new company and I was telling them we use Peachtree for the new company for now and whether we could integrate the S/W with our old credit card processing. The sales rep who was working with our company called Peachtree credit card processing when I was on line and asking questions whether we could use a third party to integrate with Peachtree. The representative who answered the call Richard  started to explain the process and gave me a fee quote. I said the lady who called you who was on line has given me a fee quote and Richard wanted me to fax him the fee quote to match it. I faxed the information and Richard send me an e-mail reply. Then I called and asked him whether he could give me a written fee quote since I knew there were more fees than what was listed on the e-mail. When I called I was treated with disrespect saying I used another competitor at the same time on phone and did not want to listen to me. When I called the main line to make a complain I was told we know the story and please do not call us in the future. Is this the way company does business I am a CPA and a professional I will never recommend your services to any one in the industry. I cannot speak to a manager or a supervisor? Is this the way you treat your customers?

  • Hi Shiamal, 


    You cannot use a third party unless they are a Sage Payment Solution ISO. SAGE PAYMENT SOLUTIONS IS THE ONLY CREDIT CARD PROCESSING SERVICE THAT WILL WORK WITH PEACHTREE.  Many credit card processors will tell you different but they are just wrong.  Ask them for a remote demo to show you how it works with Peachtree and you will never hear from them again!


    It sounds like you are looking for a written quote.  Is this correct?  If so, to get the quote you need to start with an application.  From there, your company will be denied or approved credit card services.  If approved, then they will offer you rates.


    Best Business Strategies is an ISO for Sage Payment Solutions.  I don't know your issues exactly but if you want to contact us, we MAY be able to help you.


    I am a reseller of Sage Payment Solutions and cannot speak for Sage but I am sorry you feel you were not treated in a business like manner. 


    Shirley (


  • Same problem here. I have used, mymerchantview, and more recently  I no longer receive statements with credit card fee information, and no longer have a valid login with any of these services.  The Peachtree website does not have fee information as far as can tell.  I have reapplied to myclientline again and will see if I hear from them.  I must say that American Express merchant services does have a very good website with fee information, but most of our customers use Visa or MC. 

  • I will take your credit card application and submit it to Sage for processing.  I will need copies of three prior months statements and some other information.   I will discuss this on the phone when you call.


    My goal is to try to get you a better rate than what you already have. I hate paying for credit card service too; however, if you are going to grow your business, it is a necessary evil.


    By using Sage Payment Solutions Credit Card Services, you will be able to accept payments using your Peachtree software. All credit card numbers are locked in a "Trustwave" vault protecting you from Credit Card fraud and making you PCI compliant.  The next time the customer calls, you just "PROCESS"  the order because you have the information on file in the Trustwave vault!   This allows you to process sales faster and safer.  Your customers will love the ease of the payment system.


    Here is a link to our website.


    We are currently offering FREE mobile swipers when you sign up for Mobile payment collection service on your ipad or cell phone.


    I will be in my office today!   Call me 800-898-3877