Do you need to activate Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting?

Having worked with small and mid-sized companies for over thirty years we understand the importance of having a daily health check of your business and having the relevant information to make informed business decisions with confidence. Intelligence Reporting pulls real-time data from Sage 50 – and other data sources you may want to report on – and delivers it in an Excel format that is easy to understand, interact with and customize, giving you instant visibility across your business.

Given the value that Intelligence Reporting adds, it is included a benefit of Sage 50 Business Care. You can access it from Sage 50 Accounting software, so there is no separate installation required. However, depending on which version of Sage 50 you are on, you may need to activate it.

Do you need to activate Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting?

  • Sage 50 2014 to Sage 50 2016: Yes.
    To activate Intelligence Reporting follow the two-step process demonstrated in the activation video.

  • Upgrading from Sage 50 2016 to Sage 50 2017: No.
    Sage 50 2017 does not require Intelligence Reporting to be activated. However, when upgrading from Sage 50 2016, you need to first upgrade on the server machine that has data before upgrading on individual workstations.

  • Sage 50 2017: No.
    No activation required.

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