"OFSI Server is not available" message when attempting to log into FRX Designer

Using FRX v6.7 on MAS 500 v7.2


Was working fine until yesterday.


"OFSI Server is not available. Make sure it is installed and registered properly" message appears when attempting to log into FRX Designer.


Same message appears when trying to "Set as Default" any company in Company Information.


Clicking on "Save" in Company Information appears to do nothing.


"Accounting System:" field in Company Information only shows "FRx Demo General Ledger" & "Select Accounting System"


Any ideas or suggestions?


Much thanks in advance!







    From the Microsott Support website (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/965958):



    A DLL was not properly registered during the installation of FRx.



    Browse to the FRx directory.Locate the OFSI Server file referenced in the error; for example, if the error references FSFRL60, the file name will be FSFRL60.DLL.Register the DLL. See Registering DLL Files.


  • Hello Skip,


    Thank you for the reply. Our issue is that the error message does not reference a .dll so we do not know which one, if any, needs to be re-registered.


    Any other suggestions?




  • Hello Skip,


    We just checked the FRX versions and we have a mismatch on two users workstations:

    v6.7.9111 and v6.7.10343 are being used on two different workstaions.


    Is there a process to correct this?



  • I would recommend you contact Sage Customer Support for help with this as they are far more knowledgeable and qualified than I am to answer this question.

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