Missing Report Designer Add in Folder in Report Manager

I am running Intelligence Reporting V6.1 with report designer Add in v1.0.29.  

After running the install with no errors, the install guide indicates that I should see a Report Designer Add-In folder.  I do not have one.  I have un-installed and re-installed.  Verified from accpac's site that I have the most current version including SP1.  

If I launch other reports from the report manager and run the report designer add-in from add in's in excel and ask to show the task pane - I getI "this workbook does not have valid data to use in the report designer add-in"  which when I search for solutions to the error I get pointed back to the fact that I have to have the report designer add-in folder of reports in report manager to use the Report Designer add in

  • Hi,

    For this issue, download and install 6.1 PU2.  You may also want to run the setup.exe file located in the BX/ WSSetup folder.  Lastly, check other computers and another database to narrow the issue down as much as possible.


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