Mas90 Hangs when internet connection is lost

We have one machine that Mas90 hangs when, for any reason, our internet connection is lost.  We have 10 workstations, all are running XP service pack2, and the same Norton AV with the same configuration.  All others seem to keep running as normal.


The computer is clean, no virus, adware, spyware, etc.  Mas90 will completely stop working and I usually just shut the machine off until the internet comes back up.  This computer is about 6 months older than the others, and was upgraded from sp1 to sp2.


My only thinking is something is running in the background that requires a constant internet connection, but I can see what it would be.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


  • Is it possible that the workstation in question has a network configuration that differs from its peers? I could potentially see a situation where if you had external DNS servers defined, you could lose network functionality when the internet croaks.


    If you think its a problem with a background program, boot the computer into safe mode with networking (by tapping F8 during the early parts of the bootup process) and see if the issue is resolved while in safe mode. If it is, your suspicions may be correct.


    You can check the network configuration of the card by going through Control Panel,  Network connections, and right-clicking the network card. Choose properties and confirm that those settings are the same as the other stations on your network.

  • Sound like a hardware / network issue with this PC. I would check the NIC, cabling, test the port its plugged into in the switch, etc........



  • rmikolainis


    I think you're on to something with the NIC.  A year or so ago the NIC went out and I had a spare so, being strapped for time as usual, I put it in and now it has two.  Had totally forgotten about it.  In fact, having moved my office twice since then, I could very likely be connected to the twitchy card.


    Will start trouble shooting there.




  • MAS is very finicky in having a constant network connection. I would make sure to get this fixed asap, if you have a dropped connection during a register update or data entry, it can cause data corruption.
  • Thanks rmikolainis, I disabled the card on the motherboard and plugged into the new one.


    I know what you mean about a constant network connection - I had one person that would kick the network cable under her desk where it plugs into the wall. After the second time, I moved the plug down the wall several feet where she could no longer reach it with her feet.




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