Mas90 on a terminal server

I haven't dealt with MAS90 much, but have with other ERP's.   This client has always had all of their MAS90 users rdp directly into the mas90 server.  They have outgrown their current terminal server, therefore I installed another ts to reduce the load on the other one. I installed the MAS90 client on this ts, and while it works, the client is complaining that the pages load slower than the other one.   I do agree that the pages load much slower than other erp's that I have used for other clients.  I just followed the basic instructions of mapping a drive and running setup from the mas90 folder.  


Is there something else I should have done, such as any install or procedure?



  • Woody1, it would be extremely helpful to know what version of MAS you are working with.  Have you done anything with the AV settings?  Query the KB for resolution ID 415534.  It explains how to speed up the reports.  How is the TS connected to the network.  Is the NIC a GB or 100 KB.  If not a GB, consider getting one.  This will speed the connection considerably.



    Server is using a gb nic


    I will read the kb

  • I also removed AV from the new TS so see if it changed anything. Doesn't appear to be any speed change with or without Avast installed.

  • I did some tests, and it takes 4.2 seconds to open the Picking Sheet Printing Screen, or the Daily Drop Sheet Report screen.



  • Wouldn't creating a second terminal server effectively be the same as having a true workstation and a server?  I.e.  the network cabling now comes into play to communicate between the workstation and the server.


    The reason for speed with a TS session normally is that the program is running at the same location as where the programs and data are stored,  thus no network  to slow things down.


    A 4.2 second response time to open up a window is actually pretty good when truly networking.  It would probably be slow for a "local"  install.


    In a "networked" environment,  I start becoming concerned at 8 seconds and above.

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