MAS 200 and Terminal Servers

We successfully installed 4.3 on our server.  Very happy. 


The issue we are having now is we are getting the 1 user limit exceeded on our terminal servers.  We have 4 terminal servers.  I looked up this error and I copied the activate.pvx file as instructed and this did not resolve my issue. 


I was looking up some old posts and it says you need to install the workstation setup using the Add Programs.   Is this still the case?  I'm not sure if my network person installed it this way.  I think he did a remote session in the terminal server and then browed to find the wksetup in the MAS folder.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  This is my only issue with our upgrade.



  • Normally you reseller takes care of this. Have you spoken with them?

  • You run the wksetup program from the main data server. Copy that activate.pvx file from the data server to all the terminal servers you will be running mas from.


    Also, make sure you have full access (read,write, modify) to all the MAS90 folders on the terminal servers and data server.


    Also, YES. You need to use the add/remove program to run the install from the terminal servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can also use a dos command "change user /install", install the software, then when you are done, enter "change user /execute". Thats what you need to do when installing ANY program on a terminal server.

  • v4.3???


    Why didn't you install v4.4 which has been out since 03/10?  In fact v4.5 should be arriving on your door step any day now..

  • We are installing 4.3 because to go to 4.5 we would need to pay about $4k for custom enhancements.  The sage enhancements worked correctly up to v4.3.  Hopefully when cash flow is better we can upgrade to 4.5.


    Anyway...From a terminal server session I am able to see that we have 11 licenses and 4 were being used.  So I'm assuming the activate.pvx file is correct on the server?? 



  • If it is working on the terminal server, that is the best indication that all is well.

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