Error #15: Operating system command failed

I have been refining a VI job a client wants and it has been working just fine until recently.  I am using an ODBC connection to another database (SQL) to retrieve data.  While in VI Import Job Maintenance I can connect to the database and browse fields just fine.  However, in the last few days when I execute the VI job, I get the following error:


Error while reading import file [odb]INNFINITY_ODBC Error #15: Operating system command failed. 


"([odb]INNFINITY_ODBC" references the ODBC driver through which I am extracting the data.  I contacted Sage Software and they indicated it was a know VI issue but had previously only occurred when trying to connect to an Oracle database.  Has anyone gotten this error and were you able to do anything to resolve the error?



  • I'm not familiar with your specific problem, and I'm not a support technician, but I can give you some tips about troubleshooting error 15's in general.

    Error 15's can happen any time MAS tries to talk to an external database. Most of the error 15s I've seen were SQL problems in the 3.7 series. By itself, it's a pretty useless error message because it doesn't tell us what MAS was asking the operating system to do, or what the operating system's response was.

    If the error message gives you the option to debug, you're supposed to be able to get more details by entering this at the debug prompt:

    PRINT MSG(-1)

    If that doesn't give you something to go on, I'd suggest cranking up the logging level on your SQL engine as high as it will go and study the logs to see if you can see the requests that MAS is making. If that doesn't turn up anything, then maybe MAS isn't finding the SQL server at all.
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