BarTender Labels connection to ODBC in MAS but Query entry creates errors

Setting up receipt and inventory labels thru BarTender for a DataMax Thermal printer as using the crystal label within Sage 100 Advance 4.5 creates a second blank label each time it prints.  Since thermal printers are not supported and looking at various threads I had found that BarTender was a suggested software to create and print the label from Sage 100.  But after creating the label and creating the connection with Sage 100 I can see the data in the tables but when a query is created an error appears immediately and when it is cleared the next error says the ODBC path is not available.  But when there is no query then all items can be printed or if in the print field you can check the field you want to print.  But for this I need to be able to use the query for the area the printing will be used.  I contacted the support tech for BarTender and they do not have any answers so I wanted to see if anyone has ran into this problem and if anyone has a suggestion as to how to fix this problem.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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