crystal report 2011 no longer provides runtime component --Can't create Runtime Object

I've found that one of the most important aspects to date in adding additional functinality to Sage 100 has been the ability to execute the printing and/or exporting Crystal Reports using a script.  Inside the script, using a line like


Set cr = CreateObject("CrystalRuntime.Application.11"),


enabled tremendous opportunities to make using the product fantastic.


But no more.  At least not on new installs.  


To my horror, I copied and pasted one of my favourites script snipits to a new client's installation and proceeded to execute the script, expecting the criticaly important report to run and export the data select to a file, ready to be imported into the system.  But no.  That was not to be.  And it wont be, at least using VBS.


From the SAP Community Network site:

You cannot use VBS to run Crystal Reports as you could in earlier versions. ...


There is no runtime included with CR 2011 ...


Your only option is to move to Managed Code in Visual Studio .NET 2008 and CR 2008 or VS 2010 and CR for VS 2010.


If you upgrade to Sage 100 2013, you'll likely be fine because the runtimes were installed previously when the workstation setup was run on users' machines.  But that no longer happens in the same way.


So my questions to the community and Sage are:

1) Is there a simple solution to this issue (like installing 4.50 System, LM, and GL modules only, and running workstation setup on each workstation that might run a script).


2 )Any chance of adding a session at Summit to address how to deal with Managed Code in Visual Studio .Net2008 and CR2008 or VS 2010 and CR for VS 2010?


3) Have I got this entirely wrong?

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