How to repeat previous purchase order?

Hello All,


Brand new member to MAS90 (ver. here. We went live on Oct. 1, 2010 and having the initial difficulties after getting used to Quickbooks way of doing business. We are looking forward to getting over this initial phase.


One of many questions I have is this:


We have KIT items which consist of 10 sub components. We order all these items as assembled by our vendor. We order almost every week and I am looking for a way to speed up the PO process. We are unable to order KIT items, but we must order items including each component. This means on each PO, I have to enter these items one by one. Is there an easy way around this? Like the subject suggests, can I copy a previous PO from the same vendor? Or better yet, can I order KITs?


Thank you in advance.

  • Create a New Purchase Order and under type select Repeating,  Enter all you items.


    When you want a new Purchase Order, Click the next button or enter your PO Number and by Master/Repeating on the right, put in the PO Number you created above.  It wil then bring in all the lines.


    Enjoy your new software.

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