Closing the Month

Hi everyone,


We are running 4.3 MAS90 with JobOps.  We are a small company with 1 person in doing accounting and handling the end of month G/L and closing tasks.  She is pergnant and has made a discussion to not close the month while she is out.


I need to know if this is a good idea.  It seems to me that if she is out for 6 weeks we could be at the point that 1-3 months could be involved.  Is it possible to just keep using the same month for basically 10 weeks?

  • No, you need to run period end processing every month for all modules except for G/L.

  • On legacy modules such as Job Cost, Inventory, Purchase Order closing the month updates the summary history files so you need to update those modules. On the framework modules the need is not as great. I believe you can actually leave them open. With the GL you can leave that open for years at a time.

  • Thanks Guys,


    Now I have facts I can use to try and convince the Boss that I need someone to close out the modules.  If she wants to leave her G/L open, apparently no harm but the rest are needed to continue business.


    Also - thanks for the fast response from both of you!!!

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