Invoice printing from sales order -Mas90

  • In the reports such PO and SO I have always been able to compensate for this by modifying the number of lines, in Crystal I am unsure of how to make this adjustment.  When printing invoices the pages are off by as many as 4-6 lines per invoice.  On the previous workstation the oki 320 turbo printed from LP (LPT1) and this was not an issue, on the new work station there is no LPT1, I am using a usb to LPT adapter.  I guess my question is, is this a driver problem or can I make an adjustment to the crystal form to correct it. 


    Let me add that the first invoice prints fine, it is the invoices that follow that are the problem.

  • I'm not really following:


    Are you printing from a DOT MATRIX printer using a crystal based report in MAS version 4.05 and the print is shifting up/down 4-6 lines?

  • Wow how embarassing!!!!  After further discussion with our office manager, it appears that the problem is not a line shift at all.  It sis more like the first invoice prints then she gets blank pages from that point on.  I haveactual read the resolution for this in another forum, so I'll give that a shot and see how it shakes out.  Sorry to waste your time.  Thnx  Tony

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