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Invoice printing from sales order -Mas90

  • I recently replaced a computer in our office that has win 7 OS. Mas90 4.05 is running in XPMode on win 7...everything seems fine except the new machine has no LPT ports. Invoice printer is dot matrix operating with usb to lpt adapter. When printing invoices through sales order, the first one prints and the rest drop down and print doesn't align with preprinted form. Went to forms and the invoices are generated in crystal and I have no (zero) experience in munipulating them. I am pretty sure this is a form length problem but I do not know how to approach it via crystal reports. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • And your question is ...?

  • In the reports such PO and SO I have always been able to compensate for this by modifying the number of lines, in Crystal I am unsure of how to make this adjustment.  When printing invoices the pages are off by as many as 4-6 lines per invoice.  On the previous workstation the oki 320 turbo printed from LP (LPT1) and this was not an issue, on the new work station there is no LPT1, I am using a usb to LPT adapter.  I guess my question is, is this a driver problem or can I make an adjustment to the crystal form to correct it. 


    Let me add that the first invoice prints fine, it is the invoices that follow that are the problem.

  • I'm not really following:


    Are you printing from a DOT MATRIX printer using a crystal based report in MAS version 4.05 and the print is shifting up/down 4-6 lines?

  • Exactly

  • Wow how embarassing!!!!  After further discussion with our office manager, it appears that the problem is not a line shift at all.  It sis more like the first invoice prints then she gets blank pages from that point on.  I haveactual read the resolution for this in another forum, so I'll give that a shot and see how it shakes out.  Sorry to waste your time.  Thnx  Tony

  • Fair warning,  once you resolve the blanks issue you may run into a page creep effect using crystal to print to a dot matrix printer.  It's definitely fixable in XP by creating a custom form size that has a length of something like 10.98 inches per form (vs 11),  however I've never been able to duplicate the workaround on Vista and above.

  • Wow, a dot matrix user.  Just in case you are in the market to buy another one, I was cleaning my office the other day and discovered an OKI 321 wide carriage printer.  Recently refurbished before it was mothballed.

  • Thnx Tom, I do recall reading that in another forum.  I have been using Mas90 since the DOS days, believe it or not it seemed a lot simpler then.  The software is better now, but the configs were easier.


    bottomline I appreciate the offer but I already have plenty, slowly but surely we are coming around.  Let me ask is there  a way to configure crystal to print two copies or is that handled through windows.

  • Print two copies? 


    Do you need something special here, because you can just pick the number of copies you want when you are printing the invoices.


    Or, if you need the two copies to be slightly different (eg, some of the information hidden on one of them) then you can use multi-part printing.

  • Thnx for the response Heather.  I was actually at home on my laptop when I posed the question, since then I have found just how easy it is.  I actually replaced my dot matrix with a laser and life is good.  We will actually save money not having to buy the carboned pre-printed forms.   Thank you all for your input, I am not a CPA or an IT guy, I am just a guy who has been using MAS90 for a very long time.  Our reseller is more from the accounting side than they are the software side, a call to them generally means, (let me check into that for you) and they call Sage support.  More often than not I have already quizzed you folks and corrected the problem or fixed it through the knowledgebase before I get a return phone call.  So again I thank all of you who offer your expertise to those of us who don't do this on an everyday basis.  Thnx again Tony

  • It seems like a lot of people who post here mention that they don't get good help from their reseller.  I'd like to point out that there are a lot of really, really good resellers out there who are willing to help.  You just need to get partnered up with someone good.



  • Dawn,

    Actually I have tried that and quite frankly I can't afford it.  While upgrading to 4.05 I had an issue, called my reseller and got my usual response . Then I called another company who had been trying to get me to switch my support over to them.  I will not name names.  I spoke to a young man who frankly knew less about Mas90 then I did, ultimately I solved my problem through communication on the predecessor to this forum.  I spoke to this gentleman (kid) for about 15 min., two days later I got a an invoice for close to $60.00.  I did not pay the invoice as his input was a non-factor in my resolution.  I am supposed to pay my annual support fee through this company and I choose to do it directly with sage for that reason.  Honestly, I would pay you guys for the information I gain here, as opposed to paying a company that is going to clock me everytime they pick up the phone.


    My need for tech assistance is minimal and I belive that is a direct result of the software and it's functionality ( or whatever you want to call it).  As I stated before I am Mas90 from the DOS days ( old blue screen).  Many of the commands from those days still apply to this day.  I have had companys that tried to sell me competing software 20 years ago approach me about service contracts for Mas, I call them band wagon jumpers.  I have an engineering/manufacturing background and Mas90 and I have seen them all and IMHO Mas90 is the best fit for any small business looking for something beyond the core applications.

  • It is unfortunate that you have had experiences with resellers that do not have the level of experience that can help your business.  It is unfortunate that it gives those who have been working in the industry and with the product for many years a bad reputation. 


    However, even with 13+ years experience, I cannot claim to know every single thing but I think almost anyone on this Community who has known me for a length of time would say that I know my stuff really well.  You will find some of the members of this Community and of the 90Minds group, that have been working with MAS 90 for 10 years or more can provide the same type of service.



  • My point exactly Dawn.  I know my way around a computer and I have a very good understanding of Mas90 and how it works, so frankly you folks are all I need.  I lu u man. LOL.  Thnx bunches